About Me $$$

Psych. It’s not about me, it’s about the money. All of it.

Slacker and Sinner exists to make lots and lots and lots of money, while maintaining a lifestyle full of slacking and sinning. I don’t know how this site will make money but something will show up. Maybe the “donate” button? That might work. I’ll have to sell T-shirts for sure. My purpose in life is now to sell T-shirts. Look for them soon or maybe next year.


“I tried my best. I did everything I could and it didn’t work out”, if I say that–I’m lying. Never in my life have I done everything I could have. Never. Ever.

Even in Marine Corps boot camp when I was climbing ropes and throwing hand grenades and firing machine guns, even then I was half-assing it.

I have run three marathons but did I push it? Did I train to my potential? No, no.

At one time I was able to dunk a basketball but only because I had a job running up and down stairs for five hours a day.

I write a classical music column but do I make everything I write as excellent as it could be? Naw. Well, maybe sometimes.

When I was training to be an opera singer did I practice as much as I could? Not even close.

Am I doing everything I can for this website? Not really but it’s getting better.

To not develop one’s natural talents and abilities is a sin. It is a sin of slacking, hence the title. Slacker and Sinner.

The only time I give any  effort is when I’m working for someone else and then get to show off how good I did. Funny though, I didn’t give a damn about grades in school. Who knows?